A scientific journey to

the truth.

Sometimes a reconstruction requires more than a simple review of testimony and evidence. When necessary, we perform research and testing to discover the truth.

High-tech tools for

detailed documentation and analysis.

Drones, 3D scanners, and "black box" interrogation methods allow us to accurately and permanently memorialize vital evidence.

Westlake Village, California

Based outside of Los Angeles, Axiom can conveniently serve the entire state, and country, with access to 101 and LAX airport.

Detailed Analysis

It is often the subtleties of the evidence that reveal how an incident occurred. We spend the time to study the details in pursuit of the truth.

Research and Publications

We're leaders in the industry, regularly publishing in scientific journals and presenting to our peers at conferences around the country, and world.

The Latest Tech

We use the latest technology, tools, and simulation software to determine what happened, and to portray those results to the trier of fact.


Our engineers have worked on thousands of cases and testified in multiple state courts, as well as federal court.

Responsive Personnel

Phone calls and emails are typically returned within 24 hours, and clients have direct access to experts to allow for efficient communication.

Education and Credentials

Our principal has two engineering degrees, is a registered professional engineer, and is accredited by, and sits on the board of directors for, ACTAR.


Axiom Forensic is an engineering firm specializing in traffic accident reconstruction, offering the following services.


We have performed a great deal of research that has resulted in many publications in the field of motorcycle accident reconstruction. This is Axiom's super-strength.

Event Data Recorders

99% of autos produced today have an event data recorder (aka black box) on board. Most heavy vehicles also have data recorders, as do some motorcycles. We have the knowledge and tools acquire that data.


With access to the best simulation programs, event data recorder interrogation tools, and auto-specific training, we perform thorough, complete analyses

Testing and Research

We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to perform full-scale crash tests, behavioral research, and case-specific testing, when warranted.

Commercial Vehicle

We perform interrogations of heavy vehicle event data recorders, and have the knowledge and simulation tools to properly reconstruction collisions involved heavy vehicles.


We're leaders in the photogrammetry community, teaching courses to other reconstructionists across the country, publishing on the topic, and maintaining the rare title of "PhotoModeler Ambassador."


Research and testing is part of the culture at Axiom Forensic. The field of accident reconstruction is still young, and we enjoy the pursuit of answering the unknown, and validating / developing new methods.

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We work to


Rider and Driver Behavior
In 2011, a team of researchers and reconstructionists, including Axiom's Louis Peck, published “Glancing and Stopping Behavior of Motorcyclists and Car Drivers at Intersections,” which became a TRB Transportation Record.
Development of a Photogrammetry Method
We developed a photogrammetry technique allowing for highly accurate vehicular modeling using only eight photographs. The technique was subjected to peer review and accepted for publication in SAE 2016.
Harley-Davidson Crash Testing
Louis Peck was invited to direct the first public crash-testing of Harley-Davidson motorcycles at the largest accident reconstruction conference held to date, WREX2016. The results of that testing are slated for publication in SAE 2018.
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