Motorcycle ReconAxiom’s principal is a retired motorcycle roadracer, and has performed a great deal of research in the field of motorcycle accident reconstruction. As such, we have the ability to analyze collisions to determine vehicle speeds and discuss avoidability. Moreover, we’re uniquely qualified to analyze motorcycle dynamics and rider performance.

PhotogrammetryWhen only photos of evidence remain, the technique of photogrammetry is critical. The method can be used to model vehicular damage or locate and measure roadway evidence such as tire marks, gouges, and the final rest positions of vehicles. Photogrammetry is becoming increasingly useful, since many cases become active years after the incident.

Commercial VehicleCommercial Motorcycle Vehicle accident reconstruction requires specialized knowledge and experience. At Axiom, we have been forensically trained in the acquisition and interpretation of digital data acquired from the electronic control modules of CMVs. If detailed mechanical inspections are required, we can point you to the best in the business.

Event data recordersToday, most collisions that occur involve a vehicle with some sort of EDR (aka black box) on-board. Automobiles, heavy trucks, and motorcycles all have the potential of having crash-related data on-board. Axiom has the tools and know-how to acquire and analyze that data.

Automotive ReconWith the experience, training, and latest tech, Axiom has the skillset and tools to recover collision-related information from a vehicle’s event data recorder (aka black box), create 3D models of damage, simulate impacts, and analyze visibility and sight-lines.

TestingSome cases are unique and cannot be solved with the available testing and literature. We have an extensive background in instrumentation, testing, and research. When the need for extraordinary analysis and testing arrives, we have the skills to deliver.


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